The new era of decorative design.

The Classic suite by Colombo Mobili sets itself the ambitious goal of reconciling iconic pieces of furniture belonging to the classic tradition of the company with a more contemporary concept, with greater appeal for the younger generations.

The result is an elegant mix and match effect, a legacy of a design culture rooted in the company.

The home is an intimate and precious treasure, to be shared with the warmth of people we love.

The living area is characterized by lacquered wood paneling, of classic design, in which the niches are completely covered with mirrors and the Arabescato Vagli marble fireplace is recessed.
The juxtaposition effect comes alive by contrasting the precious crystal chandelier with more contemporary design sofas.
The Colombo Mobili tradition is also reflected in the restyling of certain pieces, rendered more contemporary through a new choice of finishes and materials.
The Louis XV desk, created using the full range of the most complex cabinetry school techniques, coexists alongside the Charlotte Perriand masterpiece.
The bar cabinet, once opened, reveals unexpected colored straw marquetry.
The bedroom area completes the path of essential lines, juxtaposed with the Rococo dresser, combined with the 50s style parchment upholstered bed.
The walk-in closet introduces a boiserie made of elm wood with pleated leather inserts.
The cabinets with glass doors have been designed to combine technology and design, fully customizable according to customer’s requirements.


The Roots of Colombo Mobili delve into every variation of classic styles. Colombo Mobili tradition has always had no limits when it comes to the Art-Deco style.

The finishes and the combination of materials represent quality excellence in furniture production.

In the project for this luxury penthouse, the search for keynote 1920’s decorative features was both meticulous and engaging.

The living room is the natural continuation of the lobby, made more comfortable with fabrics. The carved frame has been expertly cut, allowing the back lighting to permeate through.
In the dining room, colors acquire a more decisive character. The silk velvet in shades of green is elegantly combined with the warm tone of the ash briar.
The table, a unique piece made to measure, is inspired by one of the masterpieces of master Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann.
The table, a unique piece made to measure, is inspired by one of the masterpieces of master Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann.


Architectural and decorative features from different periods can be combined to harmonize perfectly with each other.

Colombo Mobili harnesses its enormous experience to create this fusion, for attaining a highly refined result.

The oversized sofa, made by stitching leather and horse hide with an unusual naturalistic pattern, contrasts with the neoclassical-inspired walnut paneling.
The shape of the ceilings confers a further note of modernity, which blends in with the classicism of the crystal chandeliers.
The home office, with custom-made furniture made from California walnut briar, is an intimate and private space.
The sleeping area abandons the classic features and adopts essential lines and a geometric design.
Pomelé mahogany wood paneling is integrated with colored enamel glass features.


The Roots of Colombo Mobili are embedded in classic, bespoke furniture. The great cabinet-making tradition in the Northern Italian Brianza region has brought traditional styles to their apex of their expression.

Colombo Mobili knows how to interpret them in their manifold facets, starting from the creation of extremely formal projects, rich in decorative features and embellished by the most exquisite hand finishes.

The display cabinet takes center stage in the living area, which conceals the TV behind two sliding doors that can be operated by remote control, which are trompe l’oeil themed and hand painted.
The briar wood paneling, polished using the shellac technique, gives the rooms warmth and a sumptuous feel.
Each piece of furniture has been built observing perfect stylistic consistency, respecting the Louis XV style buildings of the period.
The floral bouquet, inspired by the silk that King Louis XVI had woven for Queen Marie Antoinette, is echoed in the hand woodcarving, in the painting on the lacquered boiserie, in the marquetry of the tabletop and, finally, in the fabric.
The music room is one of the key focal rooms. The solution of inserting fabric-covered panels inside the wood-paneled walls provides the ambience with great character, while enhancing acoustics.
The study room has a formal demeanor, combining Baroque and Empire style features. The color of the malachite inserts on the desk take their cue from the green of the drapery.
The sumptuous, Empire style offices, convey the prestige and elegant taste of the customer, with custom-made furnishings and bookcases recessed in the wood paneling.