Colombo Mobili USA

Colombo Mobili launched its presence in the United States over 25 years ago by founding Colombo USA.

The American company started with a small space in a New Jersey retail furniture showroom in the mid 1980s and quickly expanded & found its own space in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington in Manhattan. The reception in the U.S. to the Colombo line was refreshing, at the time, few companies offered such high quality and fine craftsmanship as did Colombo. Soon after its establishment, a strong union was formed between Colombo and Baker, Knapp & Tubbs, providing an exclusive relationship that has withstood trends and times. The relationship between the two companies remains strong to this day.

Throughout the years, Colombo developed to reflect the times. However, the company has remained steadfast in its representation of Classical furniture styles that have already proven their timelessness. Traditional furniture is Classic but never dated.

Colombo USA’s showroom includes 8000 square feet of display space where a constantly changing exhibit displays the classical furniture collection of Colombo Mobili’s. The showroom has multi functions in addition to being the only showroom of Colombo’s in the United States, it is the national headquarters and the national sales office. The staff in the showroom is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to accommodate and help our clients. Colombo U.S.A., is “to the trade” but everyone is welcome in our showroom, we can refer you to a designer if you don’t have one.