Colombo Mobili

Colombo Mobili past, present and future.

Colombo Mobili is a company with a long history that has taken up the legacy of a family tradition, handed down from father to son, and, with brothers Paolo and Giacomo Colombo, it has arrived at the sixth generation.

A legacy continually nourished by the dedication and passion for creating furniture and furnishings that reinterpret the classic style of the most consolidated Italian and European tradition, through a contemporary look, in an ongoing search for timeless elegance.

With the solid foundation of tradition underpinning design, production and management know-how, Colombo Mobili is committed to an ongoing process of style evolution: spanning Roots to Class and arriving at Now. In this way, an open exchange is maintained with a clientele that, with contemporary tastes, privileges a living space where luxury, elegance and historical notes are combined with a functional environment.

Over the years, the strong international vocation has contributed to developing cooperation on projects with architects and designers from all over the world, which have represented a constant opportunity for professional growth for both parties and which has led Colombo Mobili to establish itself on the most prestigious markets, from USA to Russia, to the Middle and Far East.