Quality of Design

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Architect Giacomo Colombo heads up the design studio, who can boast twenty years’ experience in the design of wood paneling, acquired working for many years with Architect Adriano Colombo. His oversight guarantees competence and reliability, as well as signature elegance and style. A skill that allows us to build bespoke custom made pieces, unshackled from standardized features, even at the initial project design stage and meaning that intervention in a project can be implemented at different levels: both at a partial production level and in providing turnkey solutions, as well as regarding technical and design aspects. Our long history also allows us to draw from the vast archive of previous project designs and woodcarving prototype samples, inlaid ornaments or construction details which have already been realized, while new design tools provide us the option of realizing photorealistic renderings for evaluating the result. These services are made available to customers to aid them in making their decisions, at this important initial stage.

MEASUREMENTS: Measurements are always taken personally by architect Giacomo Colombo: the presence of the designer on site is essential, meaning that nothing is left to chance, confirming a consolidated modus operandi perfected over the years, together with experience and, at the same time, meaning that the customer is dispensed from the task of taking accurate measurements.

SAMPLE PRODUCTION: When it comes to the step defining details, we produce finishing samples (in most cases custom products for the project), so that the customer will have a clear idea of the result.

SHOP DRAWINGS: Our shop drawings consider even the smallest details and form the blueprint for production, preventing most critical issues from arising and solving them without the need for compromise.