Quality of Service

We are especially keen to establish an open and proactive relationship with our customers, from the first contact until after project completion. Personal contact that, throughout the entire process, sees the Company owners, Paolo and Giacomo Colombo, as the direct project managers and contacts.

The first step involves preparing an offer and rapid cost estimate within the time limit agreed with the customer and, starting from limited input (approximate measurements and an idea of the desired mood) the offer will be provided with a booklet visually showing the details of the offer for ensuring maximum transparency.

During all project stages, we are available to provide photographic documentation of the work in progress or to organize a site visit.
We use packing suitable for export shipping, employing fumigated materials, certified in accordance with legislation, which means the impact of temperature changes during transportation is minimized.

When on-site assembly is required, we employ highly qualified labor. Alternatively, we can provide supervision by a specialized assembler and, in any case, our technical department is available to interact remotely with local assembly teams.

Finally, at the end of the project, we provide detailed documentation of all furnishings and parts produced.
Furthermore, the meticulous filing of drawings and all project details allows us to come back to a design and produce replacement or supplementary items, even many years after the project has been closed.